Sunday September 27, 2020

Why You Should Consider Tamron 18-400 mm For Bird Photography?

With the advancement in technology in lens and glass quality Tamron is making waves with the new 18-400mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD. Its super zoom factor and the versatility that it provides is perfect for wildlife, birds and travel photography. This post is a tells you why Tamron is the most versatile lens that you can own and once you have this, there is no other lens that you are going to like.

Tamron 18 400mm
Photo by Herbert Aust

Tamron 18-400 mm Reviews

The lens is specifically made keeping in mind Nikon DSLR and APS-C Canon cameras. They are light and small and pairs well with other cameras as well. Although the lens is lighter, it is heavier than Tamron’s 16-300mm super zoom lens. Its longer zoom range of 22.2x is what makes it the most wanted camera lens. It gives maximum telephoto reach a photographer can ever wish for. When considering the telephoto of 400mm, it is equivalent to 600mm in full frame cameras. You get an extra 100mm focal length at the longer end of the shoot.

Used Tamron 18-400mm for Canon features an optical layout with HLD autofocus motor. This delivers fast performance and responsive focusing system. The camera is quiet making it ideal for shooting wildlife especially birds. The Vibration Compensation also corrects to 2.5 stops and helps to deliver sharper images, if you are shooting in hand. Even in wet and cold forest environment, lens works quite well owing to its moisture-resistant design.

Tamron 18-400mm sample photos can give you a look at how you can use this lens to your benefit. You can get some pretty impressive shot that no lens kit with prime lens can offer. The incredible focal length which is equivalent to 28-640 is what makes this possible. It gives the ability to shoot outdoor and spontaneous images of birds and animals.

Tamron 18 400mm
Photo by GeorgeB2

Tamron 18-400 mm Sony

Tamron 18-400 mm Sony is another wonderful combination. Sony Alpha A APS-C cameras can be easily coupled with Tamron lens for a superior performance. Sony Alpha A Full Frame are also one hell of a camera that can produce shots with good image quality and depth of field. Try taking some photos of the night sky and even the sun and the moon. This lens can take great shots of eclipses. You might be blown away by the results!

Long story short, this lens is the one which you need and is a must have in your camera gadgets. This is a special treat for the bird watchers and photographers because of its silent features, impressive zoom and responsive autofocus system. This is for anyone looking past the 200mm range in wildlife photography and at a decent price.

Tamron 18 400mm Bird Photography
Photo by Lolame

If you have experienced Tamron 18-400mm lens at close-up, do let us know how you find it. Your feedback will also help to improve our article.


Is Tamron 18-400mm a full frame lens?

The lens is equivalent to a 600mm full frame lens with a 1.5x crop sensor. It works well with Nikon, Canon and Sony which are also characterized by 1.5x-1.6x crop sensor.

Are Tamron lenses better than Canon?

At the end of 70 mm zoom, Canon lens perform well throughout the frame, even at f/2.8 aperture. Tamron works well, but Tamron is usually soft around the borders. But both lens are quite good in performance.

Is Tamron owned by Sony?

Sony owns a 12.06% share in Tamron, making Sony the second largest shareholder in the company, the first being New Well Co. Ltd. With a share percentage of 18.78%.

Are Tamron lenses better than Nikon lens?

It depends on the category of lens you are buying. Some Tamron lens are better than Nikon, while at other categories Nikon is better. If you are paying the same price for both lens in the same category, then Tamron should always be the choice.



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