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Why You Should Buy Nikon Z5?

Photography is still a complicated subject for many enthusiasts and they still think twice before purchasing a camera. If you come across this article, you will know that photography can be fun and easy and an extremely creative endeavor to pick up during quarantine times or even while working from home. This post is why you should buy Nikon Z5, as it is the most awaited entry level full frame Mirrorless camera from Nikon.


Review: Nikon Z5

The latest addition to this full frame sensor is the Mirrorless line-up with a high battery capacity and USB charging port. This means you can shoot video or take photos for a longer time. Moreover it is light and handy, making it perfect for travelers and vloggers. It has a 24.3 megapixel front illuminated CMOS sensor and with a 3.69 million-dot OLED EVF. Nikon Z5 also has a 5-axis in-body IBIS system which is capable of making 5 stops of shake correction. To top it off, the camera is equipped with 273-point hybrid AF system.


The body is made of magnesium alloy which is weather sealed for extra protection. The autofocus system is extremely fast and quite efficient in shooting still objects and moving objects. It can record NEF.RAW files with 12 or 14 depth of field. They look amazing when played on a 4K TV set! Moreover, with memory cards, the shooting rates can support up to 100 frames instead of just 4.5 frames as specified. Although the frame cropping is with 1.7x, there is no cropping when applied to FHD 1080/50p recording.

Nikon Z5 Rumors

You can also capture a time lapse video quite well on a Nikon Z5. With some additional microphones, the camera picks up good ASMR sounds. For YouTube-ers that is good news! For those starting their own YouTube channel can easily depend on this entry level camera. If you want to shoot outside, zebra and peaking displays are available. You can adjust the focus and exposure levels yourself while shooting them and also shoot some still mages silently.

Photo by Rafiz Fera dated December 20, 2018

Nikon Z5 and Z6

When comparing the two models, Z5 has native ISO of 100-25,600 and Z6’s ISO goes up to 51,200. With respect to high ISO, Z6 will deliver high performance. The shooting capabilities is also better, as Z6 has a maximum frame rate of 12 fps. Nikon Z5 on the contrary has a shooting mode of 4.5 fps. The monitor resolution is reduced to 2.1 million dots while in Z5, it is around 1.04 million dots. You can also find that Z5 has no mode dial but the lock is easier to access here than on Nikon Z6. But then, Z6 is not an entry level camera and is preferred for the professionals or the experienced ones. Another advantage of Nikon Z5 is that, it has an additional electronic stabilization for shooting videos. It also has an additional frame for cropping images.

Photo using Nikon D5100/ 55.0-300.0 mm f/4.5-5.6
300.0mm · ƒ/5.6 · 1/4000s · ISO 1250.
Photo by Tom und Nicki Löschner dated September 01, 2015.

The above post is to give you an idea of why you should consider Nikon Z5 if you are looking for an entry level camera. It is best suited for experimentation photography and making you adept in the subject. This is especially useful for those who want to start their YouTube channel!

If you do own a Nikon Z5, do gives us some feedback or share your photos with us.


Is Nikon Z5 a full frame camera?

Yes, Nikon Z5 is an entry level full frame Mirrorless camera.

Is Nikon Z5 worth buying?

Nikon Z5 is worth every penny and more, if you are a beginner in the fields of photography and want to explore your skill and talent. You can purchase Nikon Z5 with 24-70mm kit lens at USD 1699 or in GBP 1719.

Is Mirrorless camera better than DSLR?

It really depends on your need as to which one you require. DSLR generally have better optical viewfinder. They have a reflex mirror inside which bounces light entering in the camera into the viewfinder. Mirrorless camera generally don’t have viewfinders. Some do have an electronic viewfinder, but photographers can experience delay. Having said that purchase decision should lie on how experienced or professional you are with photography.



Nikon Z5 Review by Jim Fisher, October 09, 2020.

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