Thursday October 8, 2020

Thinking About Improving Your Video Quality? Here’s What You Can Do.

Often your video recordings will not be the same quality as you hear it live. This is because either your camera doesn’t have the best audio or you need an additional microphone. This article will talk about why Neewer NW-800 Microphone is the best microphone when capturing a digital video. It will be followed by some questions and answers to clear your doubt.

Why Use A Microphone?

A microphone simply captures the real sound and converts into digital sound, so that it can be stored in your memory device. All digital cameras have a built-in audio system so that videos come out perfect. However, they are generally of low quality since they are built for both audio and video and still-life images. if you want to record a high-end video or even an ASMR video, then an additional microphone is required. This brings you to an inexpensive microphone by which you can record your videos, without hurting your pocket.


Neewer NW-800 Microphone

If you are on a tight budget or just want to experiment with a microphone, then Neewer NW-800 is just right for you. It provides good sound quality and is easy to set up and use. The Neewer NW-800 Kit contains four major parts for setup; NW-800 Professional Condenser Microphone, Microphone Shock Mount, Ball-Type Anti-wind Foam Cap and a Microphone Power Cable. The company claims that this is a condenser mic, which literally runs well for the first two years. After that you might need some part- replacement. Neewer NW-800 amazon price is set at 19.99 US Dollar.

The only speculative discussion about Neewer NW-800 is that professionals have called it to be faux condenser mic rather than an actual condenser. This is OK, considering the price tag they are offering at. This mic is aimed at those consumers who want a condenser mic on a budget. Try some ASMR recording with this mic, you might be surprised with the results!


It is needless to all that all products will have their pros and cons, but Neewer makes some good cheap products, that you can easily use for a couple of years. You might want to test it with Focusrite Scarlett Solo, 2nd generation. It works wonderfully well. The article gives you a brief if you are looking for cheap microphones. No matter its drawbacks, this microphone is especially curated for capturing high-end digital videos on a budget.

Do let us know your feedback, if you have used Neewer or any of its products.


Do you need a power supply for Neewer microphones?

Dynamic mics do not require any power as they have no internal preamps. Condenser microphone that newer offers however have built in circuits in them which require power.

Is Neewer NW-700 good?

Considering the bargain price of under 20 US Dollar, the mic quality is pretty good. With some sound editing software in use, you can really use Neewer to the full potential.

What voltage is phantom power?

Phantom power is usually a DC voltage which ranges from 12 to 48 volts. Condenser microphones usually require phantom power.

How do you use a condenser microphone without phantom power?

Honestly speaking, there is no way you can use condenser mic without phantom power. However, you can use a condenser mic without a mixing board or an audio interface. You just need to work with MXL Mic Mate Pro.


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