Friday September 25, 2020

The Winners of New Cosmos Photography 2020 Announced by Canon

The end of July 2020 witnessed a grand event of canon photo competition with the announcement of photography contest winners held at Tokyo by Canon.  It was the 43rd edition of the New Cosmos Photography contest. The event supports newbies of the photography community and promotes cultural support of the same.

There were around 2002 submissions globally with entries being submitted from March 18 to May 31. The competition has been running for almost 30 years now and for the first time in history submissions have exceeded 2000. On the whole, fourteen Honorary Mention Award and seven Excellence Award were selected.

canon photo competition 2020

Excellence Award Winners

  • Riichiro Goto
  • Kiyoshiro Tatekawa
  • Tsuyoshi Kaneda
  • Sergei P. Bakanov
  • Hiroshi Miyamoto
  • Yasuhide Yoshimura
  • Seiya Higuchi.

Honorary Mention Award Winners

  • Shuji Ogawa
  • Kou Ishikawa
  • Kota Shiga
  • Takuya Ishikawa
  • Megumu Takasaki
  • Shion Sawada
  • David-Natanael Robu
  • Yushi Kaku
  • Makoto Tsukahara
  • Kohei Kawazu
  • Tetsuo Kashiwada
  • Hiroto Toyama
  • Wataru Gomi
  • Kaori Fujiwara.
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New Cosmos of Photography Contest 2019

The Grand Prize Winner

The Grand Prize Winner of the canon photo competition , will be given out on October 31, 2020 in a special event Talk Show. This show will be held by the Grand Prize Selection Committee, who were the Excellence Award winners of the same contest in 1992. The prize winners will be chosen in a public meeting on the day before the contest. It will held by the committee members.

The exciting part of this photography competition occurs on the 22nd of October, where each candidate will be given an opportunity to present and talk about their work. There will also be face to face questioning and discussions so as to analyze the best possible work for the New Cosmos Photography contest, 2020.

Canon Photo Competition
Canon Grand Prize Winner Tomomichi Nakamura New Cosmos of Photography 2019

The contest will also be open to the public. Photography enthusiasts, friends and family will be able to see these chosen entries at the Tokyo Photography Art Museum from 17th of October till 15th of November 2020. The exhibition will also showcase “Ants” collection by Tomomichi Nakamura, who is the winner of the New Cosmos of Photography of 2019.

Till now, the New Cosmos of Photography contest is the most celebrated photo contest held by Canon. It encourages creative talents among the photo community. Many photographers also receive the opportunity to do international work. The winner of this dream photo contest is awarded with a Canon camera and JPZ 1 million in prize money.

Tomomichi Nakamura Photo
Photo by Tomomichi Nakamura

If you have heard about this canon photo competition before, then it may excite you to know that this year’s judges are British photographer Paul Graham, Japanese photographer Mikiya Takimoto and the most famous art critic of Japan, Noi Sawaragi. What more can a photography enthusiast ask for!


Source: Canon Global

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