Sunday September 27, 2020

The Number One Way You Can Make Your Wedding Photography Better

Shooting weddings professionally is very critical. Weddings photographs is just not about the subjects but the emotions and the candid moments involved in it. It is a special moment that everyone looks back to and becomes the precious memories in one’s life. If you are a professional wedding photographer, you must not undermine the power of this camera. This article tells you, why you should use this for shooting those special moments.

The camera in question is Sony A6300. This model is perfect for calm, serene images especially the pre-wedding photo-shoot. Sony A6300 has an exceptionally silent shutter and is equipped with night vision AF. You might want to think about shooting some creative photos at night with the couples! Sony A3600 night photography is one a kind.

This model is aimed at the consumer market and is cheaper than most Sony models. Although Nikon is the preferred choice for most, there are always certain situations when a Nikon camera is too obtrusive. That is where, Sony A6300 comes in.

Sony A6300 Wedding
Sony A6300 Wedding Photography

Sony A6300 Review

The Sony model is firstly is very small in size, making it an easy grip. It is easy to take those candid shots, you can literally slip in the camera anywhere to take some dressing photos or the bridesmaid doing their makeup, or even someone being yelled at! Bonus, the camera does not make any sound. The viewfinder and the autofocus system is worth mentioning as this is what take photos to the next level.

Another interesting point for the wedding photographer is the continuous and the wide feature in the AF mode. These are really good to take photos of the family or the kids running around. Intimate moments of the mother daughter or the bride and groom can be captured with a perfect angle. The important part is you have to be quick as these moments don’t last long and Sony A6300 is. Videos also can be captured with Sony A6300 4K video quality.

Sony Wedding Photography
Photo by Michael Hoff

Sony Alpha A6300

If you want to play with light, flare and silhouettes in the wedding photographs, Sony A6300 is the one for you. You also might want to consider Sony Alpha A6300 Mirrorless digital camera. This camera is special mainly because of its autofocus system and viewfinder. This article is intended to show you how you can set Sony A6300 apart from others; the framing too can give you 100-120 images which is not found in any A7 series. Even Nikon lovers are rushing towards it!

Wedding Photography
Photo by StockSnap

We hope you have got the basic idea of the feel that Sony A6300 can provide. For more questions, please write to us or give us your valuable feedback.


Does Sony A6300 shoot 4K?

Yes, Sony A6300 is the first camera with interchangeable lens that is not full frame and shoots high resolution videos of 4K quality. It also has no pixel binding in the brilliant 35 mm format.

Is Sony A6300 a DSLR?

Sony A6300 is a medium range Mirrorless camera, with high resolution image and video quality, autofocus system and solid viewfinder resolution and built quality

Does Sony A6300 have image stabilization?

Yes, the model has image stabilization, but you must use the camera with Sony lens with in-built OIS. Having said this, the model is compatible with all E mount lens that are capable of transmitting EXIF data.

Which is better Sony A6300 or A6500?

It depends on your requirement, A6300 is cheaper while A6500 is on the higher side. It also has much better image stabilization than A6300. However, many vloggers prefer Sony A6300.



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