Monday August 9, 2021

Photographers Covering the Tokyo Olympics Faces Innumerable Challenges


The 2020 Tokyo Olympics is set to officially begin on July 23, 2021. While the Olympic committee is forging ahead with the event, photographers are being saddled with challenges that will make documenting it harder than ever before. As the Olympics inch closer, the pandemic looms large. The lockdown measures in Japan are tightened. It is clear that the preparations are not going smoothly.

Photographer Jeff Cable will be arriving on the ground on July 20 and has written a detailed blog about the evolving situation that is taking place, even now. Additionally, he spoke to PetaPixel and explained that at least for him, a team of one, the situation is thus far hectic and at times, confusing.

Tokyo Olympics Difficulties

Cable says that in preparations for the occasion, communication has been difficult because the state of affairs is altering quickly with out warning. For instance, earlier than final week some followers had been anticipated to be in attendance. However final Thursday, it was out of the blue introduced that there shall be no followers in any respect at any of the Olympic occasions. There seems to be a lot of miscommunication. The Committee is clearly having trouble with taking decisions!

Surprisingly, neither Japan nor the Olympic Committee is requiring vaccinations to attend the occasions. Whereas he and different photographers have been requested if that they had been vaccinated, that data was not being disseminated. Moreover, it doesn’t seem to have an effect on how the photographers can be handled in journey to the island nation. The Olympics seem like working as if nobody is vaccinated! The organizers try to get everybody right into a “bubble” to keep away from any potential transmissions of the virus.


Image Courtesy of Makoto Tojiki

Cable, who’s is vaccinated, was instructed to get a number of assessments earlier than boarding the airplane. He is also required to take extra  assessments and measures upon arrival in Japan. All this must be completed for no less than two weeks.

“Within the days main as much as my flight, I’ve to get Covid assessments 96 hours and 72 hours prior my departure. Then, after I land in Tokyo, I must undergo 10 checkpoints and have one other Covid take a look at earlier than being set free of the airport. They are saying that this course of on the airport may take three hours or extra,” he says.

What Reuters say about the Olympics Delay?

The Reuters say that, Japan has entered into a brand new state of emergency as of July 12. Opinion polls has persistently proven that the Japanese public has main considerations about holding the worldwide occasion amidst a rising wave of infections, Reuters reviews.


Exciting News for Photographers at the Tokyo Olympics!

At the Olympic Agora, leading Japanese photographer Rinko Kawauchi will also present 16 never-before-seen photographs from Olympism Made Visible; a global fine-art photography project launched by the OFCH to illustrate the impact of sport in community service. Commissioned by the OFCH in 2019, the exhibition, entitled What Is the Joy of the Future?

Works from Olympism Made Visible, documents an initiative of the Japanese Olympic Committee to connect Olympic athletes with disaster-affected communities following Japan’s 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. The photographs, taken during Kawauchi’s visit to Fukushima in 2019, are a testament to the healing power of sport and the fragile and precious gifts of nature.





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