Tuesday September 22, 2020

Looking For the Best Professional telephoto Lens? Check these 4 Canon telephoto lens for You!

For professional photographers, high-quality, image defining lens are a must. With Nikon, Leica and others swarming the market, Canon telephoto lens still remains a favorite among photographers. Simply put telephoto lens are a type of zoom lens that is for creating stunning landscape photography, weddings, wildlife photography, travel photography and sports events.

Among all companies manufacturing lenses, Canon telephoto lens are the ones that provide interchangeable option for cameras. However, with so many companies manufacturing lens, it is easy to get overwhelmed by choices. The article lists down, the top favorite canon telephoto lens, best suited for beginners and hassle free photography.

canon telephoto lens

Canon telephoto lens for wildlife

The top lens for wildlife photography is the Canon EF 600mm f/4L IS III USM. This is the IS version III lens and is extremely light weight, which makes it perfect to carry around. It is a professional grade lens especially built to handle the outdoor atmosphere. However, it does not come cheap.

canon telephoto lens

Best Budget telephoto for Canon

The best budget canon telephoto lens is EF 70-300 mm f/4-5.6 IS II USM. It is compatible with a full frame camera and can be fixed with almost all Canon models. The camera also works well with the EOS M and EOS R series. the biggest advantage is, it is light weight, fast and has an excellent auto focus system. The silent auto focus transitions makes it good for shooting videos and ASMR. The zoom range is between 112-480 mm.

Canon telephoto lens of Focal Length100-400 mm

Canon EF 400 mm f/2.8 L IS III USM lens has won the award for ‘The Longest Focal Length’. This is also suitable for wildlife photography with low light conditions or at night time. It provides superior image quality with a greater depth of field. It provides a maximum aperture of f/2.8 and retains its aperture when mounted. Most professional photographer tag this lens as best suited for forest and dense natural environments.

canon telephoto lens

Canon Lenses in India

The most popular telephoto lens of Canon in India is the Canon EF 70-200 mm f/4L USM lens. There is not one photographer who has regretted the decision of buying this lens. This has a high performing AF system with image stabilization features and high image quality. It is extremely light weight than canon lenses. The camera lens gives the best value L lens that you can get!

Not all lens are covered in this article. This is because the above four provides the best option for general all-purpose telephoto lens. This article gives you clarity on what to choose when you are spoiled for choices. As the professionals says, choosing a lens is more important than setting the range of focal length. Lens therefore, must always be well thought of.

canon telephoto lens


What is a telephoto lens used for?

A telephoto lens is similar to zoom lens but contains a focal length of 60 mm and above. Long distance photography like wildlife photography and landscape photography is ideal for this kind of lens. Basically it magnifies a subject is out of reach or far away from the photographer.

Why are telephoto lens so expensive?

Since telephoto lenses have longer focal length, there production quality requires to be of a certain standard. This involves a high manufacturing cost and testing cost, making the lens expensive to sell.

What is the difference between a 200 mm and a 300 mm telephoto lens?

The difference lies in the extra 100 mm of focal length between 200 and 300 mm. 300 mm lens provides a better pull-in effect and stacking effect. This is highly required for professional travel photographers. For beginners or mid-level photographers, a 200 mm telephoto lens should be fine.

Which is better, telephoto or zoom lens?

Telephoto lens have focal length 60 mm and above and for objects relatively far away. While professionals require telephoto lens, not all needs them. Beginners must use zoom lens as it can move in and out with more versatility than telephoto lenses.


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