Sunday September 27, 2020

Learn all About Latest Yongnuo Flash System in 2020

If you are a Panasonic and Olympus user, then this is the flash for you. The new flash system YN560-TX Pro is making waves in the photography community. Over a year ago, Yongnuo flash was not recommended to the newcomers. Most preferred Godox. However, this article tells you why you should consider Yongnuo flash, if you are used to having regular photo shoots.

yongnuo flash

Latest Yongnuo Flash

The newly launched Yongnuo flash is “pro” flash that integrates two most important aspect of the Yongnuo flash system of radio triggers into one. Their most popular radio triggers so far has been the YN560 and the YN662. You will both the features of both of them in this new YN560-TX PRO. Using Yongnuo you can perform flash photography with a Canon, Nikon or Sony camera. Their PRO update is made in the controls and triggers and speed-light techniques.

Even if you don’t have Canon, Nikon or Sony, you need to bang your head as Yongnuo flash comes with a compatibility chart that shows you what works with what. YN560-TX PRO unifies all the flash system of Yongnuo. But their YN-E3-RT is not compatible with this model.

Yongnuo Flash Systems

yongnuo flash

The YN560-TX PRO model offers to unify up to five groups in manual modes, group modes or TTL. Remote zoom control over the flashes is also possible. As with mosh flash system of 2.4GHz, the model ranges up to 100 meters with 16 available channels and an ID tag between 0000-9999. This ensures that you are not conflicting with others who are taking photos close to your area. The flash exposure control takes place in one-third stop increments.

Speaking about Yongnuo firmware, the company still hasn’t confirmed if they will integrate into the Canon system. But even without Canon, Yongnuo is updating its model and is soon to give competition to Godox. They have started to take their flash system more seriously and there is a possibility that they might come up with more competitive model.

Although Yongnuo is good with their lens and camera, they still have a long way to go. Yongnuo lens for Canon and Nikon are still very much in demand. They have made quite a strong start with the new and improved flash system. Previously Yongnuo YN600EX-RT II was preferred by most photographers. Only time can tell, how far this model has reached out to the public. Considering its capability and specs, YN560-TX PRO is the start of a new Yongnuo flash systems.

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Figure 1: Yongnuo flash system used in a wedding


Which is better, Yongnuo or Godox?

Considering specs and performance, Godox is always the better choice, but Yongnuo is stepping up its performance with new launches that will make them a tough competitor to Godox soon. Till now, Yongnuo missed a unifying system of flashes but with YN560TX-PRO, that has been achieved.

Will Godox work with Yongnuo?

No, they are not directly compatible with each other. But you can make the two work together with an X1R receiver from either Canon, Sony or Nikon.

What is the best Yongnuo flash for Canon?

There are many models that work well with Canon. You can use Yongnuo YN560 IV Flash, Yongnuo YN-568EX II, Yongnuo YN660 Wireless Manual Flash and Yongnuo YN968EX-RT LED Wireless Flash.

Why is Godox succeeding than Yongnuo?

Although Yongnuo is a good brand for flash system, Godox offers more at the same price. For example, Godox TT600 offered high speed sync functions and full manual remote controls, which Yongnuo could not provide at the same price range. However, the company is now catching up with latest models and flash unification systems.


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