Friday November 20, 2020

Iconic Space Shots by NASA Now Up For Purchase in 2020

Space has always fascinated us. The vast universe, the galaxies, meteors, planets, gives us a feeling that life is sure to be out there. However, shooting at space can be an exciting and challenging experience. Owning one of those shots can be all the more exciting. This article tells you how you can own over 2400 iconic Astrophotography images, even with Neil Armstrong in it.

Auction Details

These space photos is a dream collection for every Astrophotography photographers. Photo enthusiasts too increase their unique collection and even earn some handsome earnings from an exhibition. Christie’s has recently announced an auction of space photos. There are 700 categories with over 2400 photographs. One such remarkable photo among these contain Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. These are all original photos taken at the specific year and holds an immense collector’s value.

American Space program has also released its photos between the year 1940 and 1970. Voyage to Another World: The Victor-Martin Malburet Photograph Collection took over 15 years to build. Martin-Malburet says he first got his interest when his father accompanied him to a photography auction. Some of the highlights of the collection include  the first space selfiethe first US spacewalkthe first human-taken photo of the Earthrise, and others. The Neil Armstrong photo is the only photo left of the moon mission. Reportedly it was Armstrong who took the photos during the Apollo 11 mission.

Auction Dates

The Astrophotography auction at Christie’s opens on 6th of November and lasts for a week. So you have few time left before the auction ends. 19th and 20th of November are important dates as 1-325 of the lot are to auctioned then. As per our sources bids are very low at the moment but towards the end the bid can reach between $1000 and $60,000.



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