Monday September 21, 2020

How to Take Good Photos with 18-55 mm Lens

The most basic part of a camera is the lens, which is also undoubtedly the most important part. If you are on your first serious camera and don’t indulge into the complex habit of changing lenses, depending on a camera 18-55 mm lens kit might be a very good option. This article tells you why the cheap but valuable kit lens is the best tool for you as a handy photographer.

Simply speaking, lens kit price are affordable than owning expensive lens. Although most professional photographers prefer various types of lens, you can do wonders with your company’s 18-55 mm lens kit. The kit of 18-55 mm lens Canon are the most versatile packed with numerous advantages. 18-55 lens Nikon also has several advantages that any amateur photographer can use.


18-55 lens photography

Firstly, the photography is amazing! You can take wide angle shots or zoom in for the details. You can capture a gorgeous sunrise or follow a chirping cricket in your lawn. The versatility of an 18-55 mm lens is unbeatable. This is because you are not limited by a fixed focal length like in Prime lens, but can stretch your skills to a wide range of subjects. Landscape photography with 18-55 mm lens is quite.

18 55 mm lens creative


18-55 mm lens uses

Another interesting way to use a kit lens is using them as a short telephoto (though its not telephoto at all! its just an assumption) . Using the kit, you can multiple photos of different quality with a depth of your choice. Whether it is just a portrait or an important wall painting, the results will be based on your perspective. These lenses are very good for street photography, giving you a much more realistic images.

18-55 mm lens explained

A lens kit with 18-55 mm is ideal for perspectives that are compressed and for photography that requires a lot of detailing. Designers can therefore, easily use the kits for good product photography features. It is especially good for those dealing with hard goods!

18 55 mm lens nikon


On the whole, 18-55 mm lens can be used for a variety of composition, structure and settings. It covers the standard wide angle that is 35 mm, up to 55 mm and also the telephoto standard of 85 mm. Although, most people will tell you to buy a whole lot of lenses for that perfect shot, your lens kit can do wonders. Bet you did not know this and no one has told any better! The only limit here is your imagination.


Which is the best lens hood for Canon Kit  lens?

If you are using 18-55 mm lens Canon, then then STM and IS II is suitable, as it prevents unwanted light from entering your camera. This is especially with EF-S 18-55 mm model with EW-63C lens hood. Nikon lenses with 55 mm outer diameter is also compatible with this hood.

How to create bokeh effect with 18-55 mm kit lens?

The easiest way to create a Bokeh effect with kit lens kit is by using the longer focal length at the maximum aperture. The background will be compressed to create a shallow depth effect.

What is meant by a size 18 55 lens of a camera?

The size 18mm and 55 mm refers to the focal length of your camera lens. The wide angle is 18 mm and when zoomed it is 55 mm. The mm refers to the distance between the point where the lens converge and your camera’s sensor.

What is the zoom capacity of an 18-55 mm lens?

Nikon 18-55 mm lenses can be zoomed out to 18 mm, which is similar to getting a focal length of 27 mm in a full frame camera. When zoomed to the maximum, the focal length is equivalent to 82 mm on a full frame camera.

With this, it’s a wrap. Let us know, what you did with your 18-55 mm lens kit. We would love to hear from you.

18 55 mm lens


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