Sunday September 27, 2020

How Nikon Z5 Makes Full Frame Photography More Affordable?

Nikon Z series has been the most awaited camera series from Nikon so far. It is known for its sharp image quality, optical lens, smart performance and light weight features. But considering the performance and specs, Nikon Z5 is aimed at consumers who want their bigger sensor experience more affordable. Nikon USA, set the Nikon Z series camera price at 1399 US Dollar, just for the body. Is it worth the value? Read on to know more…

Nikon Photographer
Nikon Photographer on the streets of Japan

Nikon Z5 vs Z6

The Z5 comes after the Z7 or the Z6 models with a 24.3 mega pixel sensor, full frame of course! This is almost the same resolution that is offered by Nikon Z6. Some models of Z series like the Nikkor Z 24-50mm f/4-6.3 lens is also found to be the lightest and the shortest full frame Mirrorless zoom lens from Nikon. For video quality too, all Z series offer 4K HD quality video with dual card slots to store a number of video files.

Nikon Portrait Photography

Nikon Z5 Outdoor Photography

Not only this, it has built-in Wi-Fi, eye detection AF locks, animal detection AF for pet photography or even wildlife. All cameras have a 5-axis image stabilization and 273-point Hybrid AF autofocus system. They have magnesium allow body with is dust and heat resistant. Some brand new models of Nikon also comes with Nano Crystal Coating together with ARNEO coating which no company has ever produced till now. Bonus!

Nikon Z5 Sample Photo
Nikon Z5 Sample Photo

No wonder, Nikon Z5 is so much in demand. With all these specifications and advanced technology, 1399 US Dollar is a bargain price! You know you can expect much more from Nikon as rumors are it is coming up with some juicy features for its Z30 models.


Source: Mike Lowe from Pocket Lint.

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