Thursday May 20, 2021

How can you help as a Photographer in times of Covid

Humanity is going through the worst phase as Covid-19 has shaken up mankind in the most horrible way. Photographers are suffering as there are travel restrictions and has to take precautions in every way possible. However, when we are safeguarding our lives, there are millions who are suffering. Not just physically, but through waves of fear, anxiety and depression. Many are unemployed and are suffering financially. If you have some conscious inside you, you will be triggered to those in need.

In this article, we will show you three ways how you can help as a photographer.

#1 Donate to charities and publish their work

The first and foremost step that you can take is getting together with genuine NGOs and foundations and capturing their work. If you have a blog, try to display as much as possible the help others are offering. As humanity awakes, it is time to show compassion, kindness and positivity as much as we can. There are many who are available, but we have joined the following who are personally helping the patients and family with any necessary help that people ask for.

The team of four, are helping through a fundraiser in GoFundMe. GoFundMe is a genuine fundraising website and only entertain verified helpers. This way you can get rid of scammers. They are associated with providing masks to the rural region, giving away meals twice a day, clothing donations, bill fulfillment, medicine supplies and so on. Their Facebook page.

Request you all to visit here and donate in such times of emergency. 



#2 Visit Covid-19 warriors

Positivity is necessary in times of utter stress and depression. Get in touch with some Covid-19 survivors and share their stories. Even families of patients require hope from others and strength to carry on. Try to capture the smile of those that survived the virus. Try to gather tips and tricks and share it with everyone.

Share the latest vaccine information and experiences of those who have taken the vaccine. You can spread it in any way that you want!

#3 Show others how to be safe during the pandemic

A handful of photographers are doing both in an unexpected way: ‘porch portraiture,’ in which they style and photograph families in front of their homes while maintaining a safe distance. These photographers have captured the social distancing experience, but also brought communities together or used their work to contribute to various causes.


Self-employed photographer and videographer Dave Puente, 36, started taking his “Porchraits” in mid-March. Puente says that he has long responded to world events through his art, so when everyone around him started social distancing amid the pandemic, his reaction was to use his photography work to check in on others to see how they were doing.

“It was part of my natural curiosity [to see] how people are doing,” Puente tells CNBC Make It. “I wanted to check in on complete strangers.”

Make sure you are safe during Covid-19

Although serving humanity is the highest deed of all, you must do it wisely. The way to do this is to make sure that you are safe. So wear gloves, masks, and use sanitizers wherever necessary. Social distancing should also be maintained when visiting several places. Remember you can’t help if you are not strong enough yourself.

We wish you good luck in your venture!



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