Friday September 25, 2020

Cheat Your Way – Become a Professional Photographer in 2020

One of the best tools that videographers and photographers have is a tilt-shift lens that can change optics and manipulate perceptions of the viewer. You don’t need to be a professional to achieve this. Whether you are a beginner or have some basic experience with photography, this post gives you a sneak peak on the secrets of the top professionals in the industry.

Tilt Shift Lens Sample Photo

Tilt-shift lens photos

The effect produced by the tilt-shift  can be profound. It can be extreme or subtle, visible or invisible. But on the whole it is a perspective tool from which you can obtain creative effects. Speaking in technical terms it changes the position and orientation of the mechanism of lens with respect to the image sensor. The entire plane of focus is changes, when you tilt the lens. You can then further change the depth of field.

Tilt-shift lens video

Videographers use the shift function for shooting landscapes, cities, landmark buildings or any subject that is bound to get distorted in wide angle shots. One of the interesting effect is the miniature effect that professionals use. Similarly, time lapse videos are also shot using the tilt shift lenses. Some tilt shift examples are elevated shots and capturing moving objects or even shooting a sports event. Another excellent example of using a tilt lens in videography is the Stephen Colbert’s Late Show credits.

Tilt Shift Lens Video
Stephen Colbert Late Show credits using a Tilt Shift Camera Lens

Tilt-Shift Lens Architecture

Many photographers use tilt-shift of Nikon for shooting images of landscapes and architectural building. Since most buildings are taller than human beings, photographers need to adjust the angle of the camera upwards to get the shot. This is where tilt-shift lens comes in which provides distortion free photos. Interestingly, you can take better panoramic views of architectures using a tilt-shift lens for Canon. You can also use a tilt-shift lens for Sony e mount.

Tilt Shift Lens

However, do not be overwhelmed by tilt-shift lens. There is nothing complicated about it and with practice you can add different effects and perspectives to your photos. This article gives you an overview of what you can do with a tilt-shift lens and various ways you can use them. You can use the camera lens for correcting the angle of your subject or creative visuals that are extreme in nature. Think of creating a miniature city. Wouldn’t that be interesting!

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What is a tilt shift lens used for?

There are four basic criteria to use a tilt-shift lens; for panoramic shots, correcting converging lines, blurring certain sections of the image and changing the scale of the shot.

Why are tilt shift lenses so expensive?

Tilt shift lens price can be on the higher side. The high manufacturing cost and the economies of scale, makes the ultimate selling price of the camera lens extensively high.

Why do tilt shift lenses look small?

One of the major reasons for the camera lens looking small is the miniature effect that the lens produces. It is basically a selling strategy of the effect, along with a few technical factors. This is also one of the reason why tilt shift lens look like toys.

What does tilt shift do in Instagram?

The tilt shift effect in Instagram is created by a blur tool either circular or linear. The tool is used to exaggerate a small depth of field or to highlight the plane of focus, just like an actual lens would do.



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