Friday November 6, 2020

Canon Patents Camera Attachment and Lenses

Canon is going ahead of technological innovation with its new camera attachments for Smartphones and multiple lenses. Few days back it had launched a concept camera in Japan; the Canon Powershot Zoom. Now, the company has patented yet another futuristic design. Following in the footsteps of IVY REC and monocular Powershot Zoom, this camera is excellent for Smartphone attachments and have multiple lens usage options. This article brings you the new concept design that Canon has to offer.

Canon Patent

The patent was discovered by Canon News via DesignWatch. It is not exactly a new concept because the patent was submitted at the end of 2019. The good news is it was approved on September of 2020. The unique features of this patent is that, it comes with 3D renders. This is what makes it so real to the actual production design that Canon has considered. Just take a look at what the renders look like. It is quite interesting and self-explanatory.

canon-patent-02 canon-patent-03 canon-patent-04

Canon Announcement

The patents show a spring loaded or magnetically attached camera that easily clips onto your Smartphone. There are interchangeable lens in three different modules that offer three different focal lengths. The lens include the ultra-wide, a normal lens and a longer one, which would also support a telephoto if needed. The concept is an interesting one, especially when Canon is known to experiment with different futuristic designs. Tradeshows of Canon are a great way to experience them. If you are a photography enthusiasts, make sure to visit tradeshows whenever you get the chance.

canon-patent-05 canon-patent-06 canon-patent-07

In the coming years it is quite possible that a design like this will feature itself on Indiegogo and eventually end up in your hands. For now, it is just wait and watch until Canon moves to manufacturing them.



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