Friday October 2, 2020

2020 is Not All Bad: Launch of a Brand New Camera Lens

Till now you have only seen the pandemic and Covid-19 news; how the health workers are fighting day and night and how quarantine is affecting our life. But then again, there is something to hope for, which promises a new beginning for the future. This post is about Leica launching a brand new camera lens, which the company launched in July 2020. A hope that very soon, you will be able to travel!

Leica M10 Review

This new offering by the German company is an upgrade of the already existing M10 camera lens. This is Leica’s high resolution camera yet, with a sensitivity up to ISO 50,000, a 40.9 megapixel image senor and an exposure time up to 16 minutes. This makes the camera lens perfect for shooting night videos and images. The company originally aimed the lens for landscape or architectural photography, but with Leica M10 specs, you can use it for a variety of situations. Leica M10 price is set on the higher side, with the lens costing approximately USD 8295.

Leica M10

Leica M10-R

The Leica M10-R is also to look out for. It has 47 megapixel image sensor and its shutter speed is known to be extra silent; perfect for bird and wildlife photography! Leica users will know, that this model is a colour version of the previous M10 Monochrom. However, most professionals speculate that this has the same image sensor as Panasonic S1R. But no matter the image sensor, Leica M10 Monochrom price was set at USD 8000. The company, set a high price tag for all that addition of colour!

The model also has inbuilt Wi-Fi and image support of JPEG and DNG format. Manual settings are also available and you can choose the settings and mode as per your convenience. But even if you don’t, there are distinct aperture systems, shutter speed and modes to choose from.

Beautiful Germany by Danny H.

Why use Leica?

If you are not a regular user of Leica, it is our duty to tell you, that Leica M-series has been the height of innovation and a photographer’s dream. Leica camera are still assembled by hand in Germany and their lenses are sharper, smaller and fast. Leica is the only company which uses the highest grade glass available for their lens. Not to mention, they are at the height of technical innovation combining the history of photography in their products.

Leica M10 and M10-R are the two most precious possession that a photographer can own. The most exciting part is the accessories that Leica offers. Some cameras are equipped with shoe accessories to fit a xenon flash unit. You can understand now the excitement about launching Leica lens.

Leica M10 Sample Photos

If you have used Leica, do give us your feedback. If you have not, you must use one in future, especially the ones mentioned above.


Why is Leica so expensive?

Leica is expensive because they are produced in Germany, where labour cost is exceedingly high. Moreover, Leica lens serve a lot of camera functions in one lens. Their glass quality is also of the highest grade, making them expensive to sell.

Is it worth buying Leica cameras?

Leica can be expensive but it is 100% worth your money. Photographers who have Leica once, are not ready to use any other camera manufacturer. They are extremely well-built and produces some stunning images with extra sharp detailing.

Is Leica better than Canon?

Leica lenses are the best in the world. They are manufactured in a much better and proper way than Canon or Nikon. Every product quality used in a Leica lens or camera is of the highest grade, making them better than the rest.

What is the best Leica camera for a beginner?

Although Leica is not recommended for a beginner, but if you are fascinated with Leica, then Leica TL2 is suggested. It is a mirror-less camera with APS-C sensor and L lens mount. It has 24 mega pixel image sensor, touch screen body and a few manual controls.



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